The lion that was clad in black
Sirius Black, best friend to James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Blood of snakes with the heart and soul of a lion.
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This was his game and she knew it. He liked to chase, to hunt. Little sheep, unaware that a wolf was among them. This was something Bellatrix couldn’t provide him; she was his, and had been since the day of their betrothal. It had been made known, one to the other, that neither of them cared for this arrangement, but now…

As Bellatrix stood there, watching her betrothed chase down yet another innocent as his victim, she felt something she had never before: a pang of hurt in her chest. Was it possible that, in their time spent together arguing, sleeping together, preparing to serve the Dark Lord she, Bellatrix Black, soon to be Lestrange, had fallen in love with Rodolphus?