The lion that was clad in black
Sirius Black, best friend to James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Blood of snakes with the heart and soul of a lion.
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Oh, it’s what you do to me
Oh, it’s what you do to me 

It’s amazing how, when something big happens in your life, the world doesn’t just end. Things keep going on around you: people go to work, they come home… Maybe they go out, or maybe they spend time with children, or their spouse, or their pet. Someone talks to someone else, or perhaps a silence passes between them. All the while you sit there, wondering how things keep moving when your life has crashed down around you.

For Remus. it didn’t crash; not really. It wasn’t so sudden as all that. The change had been slow and subtle, not really any flash and bang to it. There had been time  spent, a whole plan thought out and put into action. Remus knew that somewhere, somehow, someone had managed to think in their head to make the move that would leave him this away: alone, apart, and angry. He wasn’t just angry; he wished that he could be just angry, how much simpler would that be? No, there was so much to feel, and he had to feel it all alone as the whole of the wizarding world celebrated and toasted. A boy alone, parents dead, but a great evil vanquished. Friends lost, and confidants, but the greatest dark wizard that could be thought of has been taken down. Whispers of “he’s gone” and “just a boy” reached Remus’s ears as he trudged slowly down Diagon Alley. Not just a boy. Men. Women. His best friends. Some dead, some tortured, and one -one who he used to trust more than anything -in Azkaban, labeled a murderer.

In all honesty, Remus didn’t know what he had left. He walked through the doors of the leaky cauldron and got a room, his own home deemed not safe enough until the remaining Death Eaters were captured. He took the room under a different name than his own. 

They were all gone.

Remus can’t help but think about the past. It wasn’t so long ago that everything was good and perfect and wonderful. Things had begun to grow dark, sure, but Remus could distinctly remember that time clearly. He could see it in full color when his whole world had gone black and white. Sirius, happy and smiling as he had almost always been. James, from a distance, flirting with the girl that would one day be his wife. Peter -sweet Peter, who just wanted to be as good as his friends. In one night he had managed to lose them all, and the pain of it all washed over him, and he couldn’t shut it out. 

It didn’t feel like it was all that long ago that they were all alive, well, happy, laughing together on the Hogwarts grounds. He wanted the world to stop. To rewind back to a time when life was simpler, to when everything was grand.

But again, why should the world stop for him?

Ohh, if the right one came
If the right one came along

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Isn’t is crazy how the thought of my touch
Wakes you up when you’re alone?

Don’t you believe everything you hear?
Darling, focus on the prize
Don’t you hear me whisper in your ear?
My darling, don’t lose sight of my eyes

It’s not time to let go, this is not how
It’s supposed to end in my mind, my baby
Maybe our intentions were wrong from the start
So answer me, so we don’t fall apart

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It may not have been his. He knew whose it was, who it belonged to. Her father had been a friend, a great man. Sacrificed himself to save them all. But as the days went on and on, he came to love them both more and more each day. She was beautiful, she was smart, and that child had a piece of them that they both loved, a piece of them that had been missing for years. 

He picked her up from the park structure that she had been playing on and moved her to sit on a bench. “Hey Lucy,” he said. He didn’t know why he was so nervous. “I have a serious question to ask you,” 

"Yes Uncle Remus?" 

"Is it alright if I marry your mummy?"

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I’ll always remember the smile you wore after our first kiss

The way you looked tangled in my sheets the first night

I’ll always remember the way you blush after my first ‘I love you’

And the way you looked after our very last fight.

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He was happy. Really, he was.

But as he stood there watching his friends, watching what was developing, he couldn’t help but feel maybe he was missing something important. Maybe -just maybe -he should go for it himself. But every time that happened, the full moon would rear its ugly head and he would be reminded exactly why he couldn’t let that happen. It was better this way.

He was happy. Wasn’t he?

Abby: you and lacie must have some sick love of jumping us all with feels
Abby: Like, you guys would probably bake me a birthday cake and I'd be all: D'aww, thanks guise. <3 I love you, too. And then BAM. It would explode and Coldplay would be playing and Dorius streamers attack me and start strangling everyone to death with their feels.

As it was all ending, Sirius saw her as he had first seen her: he could see the light, and the way it shone that day. The way it reflected on her golden hair and the way it made her cheeks glow with warmth. He could remember seeing her for the first time not as that one smart girl, but as someone he was truly interested in. Not some nameless Ravenclaw, someone who reminded him of Remus, but as someone separate. Something had changed over that summer, and for a moment… just for a small moment he was back there. He was back there and he wanted to walk up to her, hold out his hand, and say “Hey there, I’m Sirius Black,” if only to hear her say “I know that you insufferable berk, we’ve had classes since first year.”